Womens Self-Defense


The women’s self-defense class is a great class to take with a friend as a training partner. The ratio of students to instructor will be roughly 4 to 1, which allows students to receive hands-on training. The course will cover the many topics of awareness training, safety on the streets, car safety, parent and child safety and many general safety tips. The physical training to be covered will include fighting stances, kicks, punches, strikes, elbows, knees, target areas, releases from grabs, ground work and weapons. The mental training will involve developing a strong voice, confident eyes and powerful body language. Children under 18 must have parental approval; subject matter is for mature audiences only.


Instructors: Masters Scott Craig and Susan McCall.

Private Classes, Semi-Private Classes, Group of Four, Larger Groups (5 or more)

Suggested: Four to Six Session Course

Contact instructors for Rates.